Water Meters


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To aid in water conservation and infrastructure life span, the Thompson-Nicola Regional District will be installing water meters in all TNRD Community Water Systems over the next couple of years.

As approved by the TNRD Board of Directors, an application for the Federal Gas Tax Fund - Strategic Priorities Fund to install water meters in all 11 TNRD water utilities was prepared and submitted in June 2017. It was announced in March of 2018 that the Gas Tax funding was approved. This means that there is no meter installation cost to our existing customers


Why water meters?

Even with system improvements, water conservation efforts, and public education initiatives, per capita water consumption within the TNRD is high. In some areas this is partly due to undetected underground leaks. High consumption contributes to equipment wear and shortens operating equipment life cycle, leading to higher operating and capital costs.
As well, expensive filtration systems will soon be required for systems served by surface water, and keeping consumption down will keep those costs down, too.
This is in keeping with the TNRD's mandate to meet Canadian Drinking Quality guidelines and Interior Health Authority standards for drinking water, and to keep costs down for water system customers.
Metering, along with an accompanying fee structure, ensures consumer accountability. When people become more aware of their water usage, they tend not to waste it, thereby reducing their overall water consumption.
Water metering will also assist in identifying and isolating system leaks for repair. Leaks can constitute a significant portion of a community’s water consumption.

Meter installation

For inside meter installations, the meter will be placed immediately after the main shut-off for the house/building, typically in the basement. For outside water installations, the meter pit is installed next to the shut-off valve where the water service enters the property. The meters transmit data wirelessly to utility system operators.

Approximately two-thirds of properties serviced by TNRD water utilities will have meters installed in water meter pits, and approximately a third will have meters installed inside.

Water meters contain a long life lithium battery that lasts for approximately 20 years.