Legislation governing the powers of Regional Districts does not provide for them to collect taxes directly from the taxpayer. The Province and the member municipalities collect taxes on the Regional District's behalf. If you live in a rural area of the TNRD and you have questions regarding your tax notice contact your Local Government Agents office:

Highland Valley, Loon Lake, Spences Bridge and Walhachin 250 453-2412
Avola, Barriere, Blue River, Cherry Creek, Clearwater, Little Fort, Monte Creek, Monte Lake,
Paul Lake, Pritchard, Savona, Vavenby and Westwold
250 828-4540
Aspen Grove, Douglas Lake, Lower Nicola, Nicola Lake, and Quilchena 250 378-9343
Other Areas 1-800-663-7867

If you live in a member municipality, please contact your municipal office.

If you have questions concerning your assessment, please contact:
BC Assessment Authority
805 Renfrew Ave
Kamloops, BC V2B 3X3
Ph. 1-800-806-6788 Fax 376-4032

2019 Tax Requisition - Electorial Areas

2019 Tax Requisition - Municipalities