Plans Studies & Strategies


Regional Growth Strategy

The Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) adopted in 2000, outlines the major goals and objectives of the TNRD and establishes a framework agreement to manage and guide growth and development decision making over the next 20 years.
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Official Community Plans

Planning Services administers 10 Official Community Plans (OCP’s) throughout the Region. An OCP is a general statement of objectives and policies for land use and for the form and character of future development. These policies are based upon the communities’ vision and objectives and form a guide for future growth and land development.
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Lakeshore Development Guidelines

The Lakeshore Development Guidelines (LDG) adopted in 2004, intends to improve the Regional District’s ability to handle the growing development pressure on TNRD lakes.
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South Thompson Settlement Strategy

The South Thompson Settlement Strategy (STSS), adopted in 2002, provides policies and recommendations to guide future settlement and stewardship of the resources and values within the South Thompson Valley.
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Fringe Areas Policy Paper

The Fringe Areas Policy Paper, adopted in 1984, provides policies addressing land on the periphery of municipalities, which is often subject to intense development pressures due to the proximity to urban centres, availability of undeveloped land and opportunity for a rural lifestyle.
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Central Sub-Regional Settlement Study

The Central Sub-Regional Settlement Study, adopted in 1985, establishes guidelines for development and stewardship of the resources and values within Electoral Areas “J”, “L” and “P”.
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Coquihalla Highway Corridor Special Planning Study

The Coquihalla Highway Corridor Special Planning Study, adopted in 1985, assesses the potential impact of the Coquihalla Highway on development throughout the Coquihalla Corridor.
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