North Thompson Official Community Plan Project


What Is This Project All About?

A new North Thompson Official Community Plan (NTOCP) is being developed for all areas encompassing Electoral Areas "A", "B" and "O".

An OCP is a policy document that BC local governments use in land use planning and decision making – for example, when considering subdivision or rezoning. OCPs are one of the TNRD’s planning tools; others include zoning bylaws, Regional Growth Strategy, and special planning studies including the TNRD Lakeshore Development Guidelines and Fringe Area Policy.The TNRD presently has 11 OCPs covering the most populated areas.

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The purpose of an OCP is to guide future land use and development in a given area. They contain comprehensive and integrated policies providing direction, setting out community priorities, and providing a level of certainty for what will happen in your community. OCPs are not another kind of zoning bylaw and are not regulatory; rather OCPs are visionary – they deal more with the future as opposed to the present - and focus on a specific geographic area.



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The TNRD Board of Directors (Board) adopted the first Official Regional Plan in 1979. From this plan evolved the first long-range planning initiatives for the North Thompson, including the Barriere and Clearwater Settlement Plans (OSP), both adopted by the Board in 1982.

The OSPs offered the first area specific objectives and policies to guide decisions on planning and land use. The Blue River and Avola OCPs were subsequently developed and adopted in 1994. The two OSPs were reviewed in the early 1990s, culminating in the adoption of the Barriere and Clearwater OCPs in 1996. In the early 1990s, four OCPs were developed and approved for Blue River, Avola, Barriere and Clearwater. Since their approval, the noted OCPs have never been fully reviewed and rewritten. The District of Clearwater and District of Barriere were incorporated in 2007 and have since developed their own municipal OCPs. Much has changed over the past 25 years, and we now intend to develop a broader OCP covering Electoral Areas “A”, “B” and “O".

Click here to view the North Thompson Official Community Plan Background Report.

Existing OCPs from the North Thompson may be viewed at the following links:
Avola Official Community Plan
Barriere Official Community Plan
Blue River Official Community Plan
Clearwater Official Community Plan

Mapping for the whole TNRD, including all three Electoral Areas, is available here: Web mapping

Where are we now? Progress to date

September 2017: A Community Survey has been prepared and mailed to all property owners in the proposed North Thompson Official Community Plan area not including residents of the District of Barriere or District of Clearwater. Survey results will help prepare us for community consultation by telling us your concerns and priorities. Resident’s opinions are important and will help us create a better community plan.

January 2018: Survey deadline was extended to January 31 due to mailing issues for some communities.

February–March 2018: Community Survey data compiled and forwarded to the OCP Advisory Committee for review and comment. Public consultation meetings being planned for Summer and Fall 2018.

June 2018: Community Survey response summary is available here for online viewing or download

June 20, 2018: Public meetings to be held at 4pm at the Avola Schoolhouse and at 7pm at the Blue River Community Hall, to discuss a mix of community issues including the proposed new North Thompson Official Community Plan.

For the Avola Public Meeting Notice, click here
For the Blue River Public Meeting Notice, click here

August 29, 2018: Public meetings to be held at 2pm at 5149 East Barriere Lake Forest Service Rd and 7pm at the Little Fort Community Hall.

For the East Barriere Lake Public Meeting Notice, click here
For the Blue River Public Meeting Notice, click here

January-February 2019: Consultation meetings with secondary school students in the North Thompson.

May 1, 2019: Public meeting to be held at 6:30pm at 89 Vavenby Bridge Rd at the Vavenby Community Hall. For the Public Meeting Notice, click here

May 15, 2019: Public meeting to be held at 6:30pm at 155 Ferry Rd at the Blackpool Hall. For the Public Meeting Notice, click hereJune 2019: The Overall Community Survey response summary was previously made available in June 2018. Individual Community Survey response summaries are now available below for online viewing or download.

Adams Lake Avola Barriere and Area Birch Island Blackpool Blue River Brennan Creek Chinook Cove
Clearwater and Area Darfield Dixon Creek Area East Barriere Lake East Blackpool Heffley-Louis Creek Little Fort Louis Creek
McMurphy North Barriere Lake South Barriere Lake Unknown Locations Upper Clearwater Valley Vavenby Vinsulla  


* Please keep checking the website for future OCP public consultation meetings.