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Over 80 percent of local government information has a spatial component

Over 80 percent of local government information has a spatial component that can be displayed in a GIS. The TNRD GIS Section creates, maintains and stores well over 200 different layers of geographic information covering over 45,000 square kilometres and spans over 135 communities. The GIS section plays a critical role in the improvement of business processes within a local government. GIS staff work with stake holders and clients to develop business solutions that will permit the sharing of information in an accurate and timely manner for the benefit of our partners, our customers and our community.



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Interactive Online Maps

myRegionView provides public access to spatial and tabular data covering over 45,000 square kilometers and spans over 135 communities.

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For inquiries related to property information, mapping or civic address, please contact the GIS Department by email or phone (250-377-8673).

For inquiries or feedback related to the Regional District’s GIS program, products or services, please contact the GIS Coordinator by email
or phone (250-377-7190).