Community Meetings


2018 Meetings About Fire Protection Services

There are meetings planned in 2018 to discuss the move to TNRD-administered fire service areas in the six communities that have fire departments that are not administered by the TNRD. The volunteer fire departments in these communities are currently run by independent societies, with funds raised through taxation by the TNRD, but new rules and regulations mandate that for them to continue to be funded that way they must become TNRD-administered by the end of 2022.

The meetings will discuss details and costs and determine if there is general support for a formal assent process to establish TNRD–administrated fire service areas.

BOARD REPORT: TNRD Administered Fire Protection Services (Jan. 31, 2018)
POLICY: Establishing a TNRD-Administered Fire Service

70 Mile House

PRESENTATION: 70 Mile House Information Meeting (April 16, 2018)
NOTICE: Public Meeting 70 Mile House Fire Service (70 Mile House, April 16, 2018)

Little Fort

NOTICE: Public Meeting Little Fort Fire Service (Little Fort, April 23, 2018)

Loon Lake

PRESENTATION: Loon Lake Information Meeting (April 17, 2018)
NOTICE: Public Meeting Loon Lake Fire Service (Loon Lake, April 17, 2018)


PRESENTATION: McLure Information Meeting (April 4, 2018)
NOTICE: Public Meeting McLure Fire Service (McLure, April 4, 2018)

South Green Lake

PRESENTATION: South Green Lake Information Meeting (April 10, 2018)
NOTICE: Public Meeting South Green Lake Fire Service (South Green Lake, April 10, 2018)


PRESENTATION: Tobiano Information Meeting (April 20, 2018)
NOTICE: Public Meeting Tobiano Fire Service (Tobiano, April 20, 2018)